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1012: A Simple Task

Time Limit: 1000 MS Memory Limit: 65536 KB
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Alice's QQ is lost because she set a very simple password "abcdefg", her friend Bob tell her that a password like ?abcdefg? is too easy to guess, a good password is suggest to be at least 6 bytes long, and better to include upper case letters, lower case letters, digitals, and symbols (like '#', '_', '$'). But Alice is a lazy girl, she doesn't like to remember a password which is too complex, e.g., "_a#9Bx", so she decides to do some modification on her original password that is change letters at even position to upper case. Alice has many passwords used in different places, so she asks you to change them as the rule she decided.
There are multiple test cases. Each case is a single line which has a string only contains lower case letters, but no longer than 50 letters. Input is end with a line only contains"#" and should not be processed by your program.
For each test case, output the new password on a single line in the format as indicated.Sample Input
abcdefg alice bob #
aBcDeFg aLiCe bOb